Environmental Baseline Services

InterAct scientists regularly negotiate, design and conduct environmental baseline, operational, post-drilling and decommissioning investigations for many of the world’s largest oil and gas producers. These investigations document the existing conditions, evaluate and predict operational impacts, assess environmental risks and report compliance status. Many of these studies are in logistically challenging locations and cover a wide range of habitats, from sensitive coastal to deepwater (>2000 m) ecosystems.

InterAct is committed to providing cost-effective, timely and scientifically sound environmental services that address regulatory compliance, protect the environment and help its clients to achieve operational excellence.

InterAct’s nearshore and offshore environmental services

  • Physical oceanography, water quality, chemicals of concern, biological systems and ecological habitats
  • Negotiation of nearshore and offshore monitoring programs with regulators and stakeholders
  • Statistically sound, cost-effective sampling designs
  • International logistics addressing difficult and time-critical sample processing and holding times
  • Deepwater (>2000 m) monitoring and sample collection
  • Marine mammal monitoring and ecological studies related to noise and other environmental stressors
  • Forensic analyses of hydrocarbons to determine source
  • Large-scale data management, analyses and graphical presentations
  • Ecological risk assessments in aquatic environments
  • On-site, third-party quality assurance oversight for marine environmental monitoring surveys
  • Develop and deliver environmental monitoring training programs for operator personnel

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