Platform Well P&A

Over the last few years InterAct has put particular focus on providing P&A solutions for platform wells. This has involved looking at an asset in-depth and finding a rigless solution that can work on often quite minimal or heavily congested structures.

InterAct has found that many North Sea platforms present technical challenges for P&A and decommissioning, whether they are manned or unmanned. Often these facilities are in excess of 30 years old and were not designed with decommissioning in mind.

InterAct encourges operators to consider platform well P&A and structure decommissioning ahead of planned COP, to minimise expenditure at a later date.

In order to assist a client with their P&A, InterAct will:

  • Visit the platform to appraise deck space, loadings, craneage, accomodation, power etc
  • Establish what approach would work for a given platform
  • Check through previous records to establish any issues with the proposed intervention
  • Create outline procedures
  • Create timelines including phasing of work
  • Tender and manage the third party services on behalf of the client
  • Prepare P&A AFE
  • Perform all HRA as required
  • Generate and control the action and project plans
  • Generate detialed programmes of work
  • General project management services, from support to running the operation on behalf of the client
  • Onshore and offshore supervision



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