Southern North Sea Rigless P&A

Over the last few years InterAct has been heavily involved with a number of operators in designing rigless P&A approaches and solutions for the UK Southern gas basin (SNS).

Due to many InterAct staff having worked extensively in the SNS, we have been brought in to provide in-depth asset and operational insight with which to guide operators in this region with their decommisioning plans.

 InterAct can:

  • Create the P&A design or validate the clients approach
  • review the platform arrnagements to establish whether a rigless approach can be taken, such as deck space, loadings, craneage, accomodation, power etc
  • Establish the methodology for the P&A
  • Check through previous records to establish any issues with the proposed intervention
  • Create outline procedures
  • Create timelines including phasing of work
  • Tender and manage the third party services on behalf of the client
  • Prepare P&A AFE
  • Perform all HRA as required
  • Generate and control the action and project plans
  • Generate detialed programmes of work
  • General project management services, from support to running the operation on behalf of the client
  • Onshore and offshore supervision 

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