InterAct Manages Platform Crane Replacement Project

InterAct provided construction management and crane rigging supervision on a $15M crane replacement project for a major international oil company in Alaska during the summer of 2013. In addition to InterAct’s construction managers and crane rigging supervisors, the project team included members from CH2MHill, Hopper Engineering and Sparrows Offshore. The latter designed, manufactured and installed the offshore cranes with support from local welding and scaffolding companies.

The scope of work included removal and replacement of two existing pedestal cranes and an entire pedestal. The new pedestal was fabricated in Elma, Washington, and shipped by barge to the Cook Inlet. A temporary rental crane was transported from Louisiana to Alaska by truck, barge and boat, and then assembled on the drill deck of the platform to remove and install both cranes and pedestal. The heaviest components of the new cranes were the machinery decks at 21t and 26t, while the new pedestal was made with 1” plate and weighed 26t. The new pedestal was designed to handle higher loads and was welded to the platform at the drill deck and production deck elevations. Deck reinforcement was completed prior to the installation of the new pedestal to handle the new, higher load capacity crane.

The client implemented a Behavior Based Safety (BBS) plan that encouraged safety observation by everyone on the job to reduce the risk of an incident and prevent accidents. InterAct provided key components in this safety plan by providing experienced based construction management and crane operation personnel to supervise the project. The client’s measure of success was that the project be completed without a single accident, so completing ahead of schedule and under budget would not have been sufficient. Over 20,000 manhours were worked, and the project was completed without a lost-time incident.

The north crane installation included a new transition pedestal with a new hydraulic crane capable of lifting 31.5t. The upper six feet of the existing pedestal were removed and the new transition pedestal with flange was welded to the existing pedestal offshore. The new crane is equipped with 30m of boom, was commissioned on schedule and is now in operation.

The existing south crane pedestal was removed in a single lift that weighed 18t. A dedicated project workboat provided offshore transportation of the crane components and rescue support for work being performed over the water.

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