InterAct Participates in Judging Entries in 64th Annual Ventura County Science Fair

The 64th Annual Ventura County Science Fair was held March 23rd, 2018, at California Lutheran University and was themed “Past to Present and Beyond.” The Ventura County Science Fair promotes experience in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) fields and provides the opportunity for young researchers to experience the scientific process through competition. Each year students from throughout the County present the results of testing their hypotheses after months of research and experimentation. Students compete within grade categories such as middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12). Nearly a thousand students qualified to compete at the Science Fair and approximately 75 students will have the chance to advance to the State Science Fair and compete with other students across California.

Although hosted by the Ventura County Office of Education, the science fair judges are provided by engineering and industry professionals in Ventura County. InterAct contributed to this 15 year tradition by lending InterAct Project Analyst, Helen Eloyan, who volunteered her time and expertise to help judge the engineering and science entries giving both praise and guidance to the aspiring student scientists.

The awards were presented on March 26th at the Ventura County Office of Education.  Hundreds of proud students and parents attended the award presentation.  Representing the API Coastal Chapter, InterAct’s Principal Geologist and Environmental Services Manager, Harry Barnum, presented the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards to students in the 6-8 and 9-12 grade levels in the Special Awards categories.  Harry noted, “It was particularly wonderful to see how proud each student was as they came up to receive their award.  And well they should be proud, as each entry represented a lot of hard work.”  Congratulations to all of the student participants!

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