InterAct Performs Relief System Verification for Process Safety Analysis

How long has it been since your company reviewed Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) capacities?

When operators of offshore and onshore oil and gas processing facilities perform a Process Safety Analysis, they need to have accurate field data to analyze the capability of the relief systems to handle overpressure due to fire or process upsets.

InterAct has reviewed facility piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs) and developed detailed Vent Header diagrams on nine offshore platforms in the Southern California region.  Using the field verified data, InterAct reviewed the valve data and vent header diagrams to determine the PSV orifice-sizing adequacy in accordance with API 520, 521 and 2000. 

InterAct is currently conducting a detailed relief system review of onshore and offshore processing facilities for a major Alaskan oil and gas producer in the Cook Inlet.  The scope of work includes drafting field isometric drawings for the inlet and outlet piping for over three hundred PSVs.  We then create AutoCAD isometric drawings to compile all of the PSV and piping data required to determine PSV orifice-sizing adequacy.

We have field engineers ready with equipment to survey your facility and produce drawings in the field.

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