InterAct Presents at Prevention First Conference in Long Beach

InterAct engineers and regulatory experts presented topics at the California State Lands Commission Prevention First conference in Long Beach, CA on October 7th & 8th.  The conference included representatives from both the public sector and private industry; attendees gathered the latest information on oil and gas development, platform, facilities, process and pipeline safety, marine facility engineering, and marine terminal operations. 

Casey Elwell, InterAct Sr. Process Facilities Engineer discussed “The Importance of Platform Process Safety Audit Updates - Data Collection and Documentation Needs”. Mr. Elwell discussed why facility integrity management is essential to the safety of personnel, equipment, and the environment, and the need for periodic Platform Process Safety Audit Updates which involve data collection, analysis, and documentation updates. Learn more about InterAct’s process safety audits here.

InterAct Sr. Project Manager Jeff Hall’s presentation “Safe Replacement of Offshore Cranes in the Cook Inlet - Challenges and Lessons” explored the unique environmental challenges present during a crane replacement project in offshore Alaska. Mr. Hall’s presentation covered the safety concerns driving the project, financial and schedule execution options and the collaboration between engineering, fabrication and transportation to execute the plan.  Learn more about this project here.

Uliana Micovic, InterAct’s Environmental/Regulatory Services Manager gave a presentation titled “Performing Well Integrity Reviews for Injection and Hydraulic Fracturing Permit Approval”. Ms. Micovic’s presentation discussed protected water requirements and the need for up-to-date wellbore diagrams and well integrity reviews, which are essential for effective planning of future development, including drilling, injection and well stimulation projects. Learn more about InterAct’s wellbore integrity reviews here and hydraulic fracturing permitting services here.

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