InterAct to Present at Upcoming CA State Lands Commission Prevention First Symposium

InterAct’s Val Lerma to present on “Well Integrity Management and Zonal Isolation” at upcoming CA State Lands Commission Prevention First Symposium in Long Beach on September 28th.

This presentation will focus on wellbore construction and remediation to obtain proper well integrity during the life of an oil and/or gas well. In light of several high profile events over the last 10 years (Macondo oil blowout, Aliso Canyon gas leak, both of which will be discussed), and recent local legislative changes, there is significant interest in measures that can be taken to avoid any negative consequences due to a breach of well integrity.

A basic review of reservoir properties will be discussed including pore and fracture pressures, fluid transmissibility, casing specifications, and cementing objectives. The role of each of these parameters in well integrity will then be discussed. Finally, assessment procedures and wellwork options will be presented. Sample barrier diagrams and wellbore diagrams will be used to demonstrate proper integrity analysis.

We at InterAct hope to see you there!

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