Alegria Tank Farm and Pipeline Decommissioning

Client: ARCO

InterAct managed the successful permitting and removal of the Alegria facilities within an environmentally sensitive area in Santa Barbara County. The project has progressed through the various regulatory agencies with better than anticipated results as a result of a favorable professional relationship with the agencies and timely ongoing discussions with the agencies during the permit process.

In addition to the fundamental Abandonment Work Plan, InterAct and its coordinated team of subconsultants developed and implemented a comprehensive suite of compliance plans to address specific permit conditions, such as:

  • Environmental Quality Assurance Plan (EQAP) 
  • Restoration, Erosion Control and Revegetation Plan
  • Contaminated Materials Management Plan 
  • Site Health, Safety and Emergency Plan  
  • Oil Spill Contingency Plan
  • Cultural Resource Monitoring Plan
  • Recycling Program
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Fire Protection Plan
  • Asbestos Work Plan
  • Site Assessment Plan
  • Remedial Action Plan


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