ChevronTexaco Gaviota Gas Plant Excess Equipment Removal

InterAct developed the Project Execution Plan and related agency deliverables for the partial decommissioning of the Gaviota Gas Plant in California. Our personnel prepared an Isolation Plan to safely isolate equipment to be removed while minimizing disruption to the facility that remained in operation. This effort included developing plans to safely remove very large vessels (bullets) and towers from within operating sections of the plant.

InterAct developed all the necessary plans to secure final agency permits, including: Equipment Removal Plans, Restoration, Erosion Control & Revegetation Plan, Transportation Plan, Grading Permit, Emergency Response Plan, Noise Monitoring and Control Plan, Bio-resources Protection Plan, Heavy Lift and Rigging Plan, Safety, Inspection, Maintenance and Quality Assurance Program, Mechanical Integrity Manual, Fire Protection Plan, Environmental Quality Assurance Plan, Hazardous Waste and Management Plan, Recycling Program, Site Security Plan, and Equipment Staging and Storage Plan.

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