Phillips Tajiguas Gas Plant Decommissioning

Client: Phillips Petroleum Company

InterAct managed the planning, permitting, execution, and regulatory compliance for the shutdown and removal of the Phillips Tajiguas Gas Plant located in Santa Barbara County, California. The 31 mmcf/d natural gas processing plant was located along the coastline in an area selected by agencies to be restored to its original condition and preserved for recreational beach access.

During the environmental review process, the hydrocarbon contamination was confirmed beneath the process area. InterAct was instrumental in determining the extent of this contamination and minimizing client exposure by working with the agencies to establish a standard feasible threshold limit for removal requirements.  InterAct was also able to minimize the restoration monitoring requirements by developing an irrigation plan that established the required levels of plant growth in a minimal amount of time. This innovation released the project from monitoring and leasehold requirements 2 years ahead of schedule.

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