Legacy Energy Pleito Creek Project

Client: Legacy Energy, Pleito Creek Lease

InterAct provided complete engineering, environmental and production services for the development of a thermal enhanced oil recovery project in Kern County.  Located on a wildlife preserve, InterAct helped the operator negotiate acceptable terms for developing its mineral interests with the landowner.  We performed environmental surveys and assisted with the acquisition of air, land use, building, and well permits.

InterAct engineering and project management services included design (conceptual/preliminary/detailed) for drilling, production enhancement, and facilities for the remotely located petroleum production site. InterAct developed budgets, sourced equipment, coordinated logistics, and oversaw the installation and start-up of the facilities which included three-phase separation, fluid stream processing, and in-situ combustion injection to support the thermally enhanced oilfield recovery process. This project required the development of a unique oxygenated injection fluid plant including water treatment equipment and chemical injection. Process Safety Management (PSM) approaches were followed and developed including: employee participation, process safety information, process hazard analysis, operating procedures, onsite construction management (mechanical integrity - daily reports, safety, and quality assurance), pre-startup safety review (PSSR), training, and permits (hot work, lockout-tagout). The facility included the following items: oil and water tank farm, water injection pumps, transfer pumps, heater-treater, power micro-turbine and distribution, vapor recovery system, pressure relief system with flare, oxygen and carbon-dioxide injection systems, other utilities (fire water system, instrument air, chemical injection, and diesel storage) and associated instrumentation, supervisory controls and data acquisitions (SCADA) system, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), and controls.

In addition, InterAct hired and managed an experienced operations staff to manage the field, on behalf of the client, for an agreed period of two years.  The property was eventually sold after proving the technology and potential of the field.

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