MCOP Jolliet TWLP - Facility Inspection and Maintenance Management

InterAct is currently providing engineering support and management of inspection, maintenance, and repair work on TLWP, drilling and central processing platforms in Gulf of Mexico for both fixed and tension leg platforms.  Aging structures pose unique challenges requiring experienced personnel with knowledge of platform operations, engineering, and regulatory requirements while not only planning and executing safe and effective solutions, but conducting these activities with minimum impact to facility production. InterAct provided support with agency negotiations and recommendations of safe alternatives to proposed R&M work with minimum impact to facility production.

InterAct's involvement includes:

  • Management of Inspection Services
  • Storm Damage Assessments and Return to Production Planning
  • Paint and Corrosion Abatement Programs
  • API 2A Level Inspections and Flooded Member Inspections
  • Structural Damage Assessment and Repair
  • Cathodic Protection Refurbishment
  • Development of In Service In Place Inspection Manual for Floating Facilities(TLPs)
  • Deadweight Survey and Ballast Management Reviews and Planning
  • TLP Tendon Tension Monitoring Instrumentation Refurbishment
  • TLP Tendon Fatigue and Facture Assessment Review
  • Regulatory and Technical Advisors for BSEE, USCG, ABS Liaison
  • Specialized repair techniques including; TLP underwater hull stiffener repairs and TLP ballast compartment deck repair utilizing new sandwich plate design application substituting the more conventional “crop and replace” technique.

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