ARCO PRC-421 Pier Remnant Removal

Client: ARCO Environmental Remediation LLC

InterAct successfully managed and permitted the removal of ARCO’s remnant pier structure and associated seafloor debris off the coast of Goleta, California. Because the old pier was considered by state resource agencies as substantial roosting habitat for the endangered brown pelican, ARCO was required to mitigate for this loss of habitat by constructing four replacement bird roosting platforms in the same location. InterAct designed, managed, and oversaw the construction of these steel-pile roosting platforms as well as an artificial reef to enhance the kelp habitat on the State tidelands lease.

This highly visible project required extensive interactions with permitting agencies and environmental groups. InterAct provided comprehensive permitting services, preparing applications, providing testimony, and responding to agency questions. Permits were obtained from the California State Lands Commission, California Coastal Commission, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Regional Water Quality Control Board, California Dept. of Fish & Game, U.S. Coast Guard, and Air Pollution Control District.
InterAct developed the Project Execution, Safety, and Mitigation Plans to enable the use of linear shaped charges to sever the 9’ diameter columns. Considerable planning and consultation was necessary to ensure the safety of project personnel, marine mammals, and nearby endangered wildlife. InterAct managed the entire field effort, including pier demolition, roost construction, pre- and post-project marine biological surveys, marine mammal monitoring program, and comprehensive regulatory compliance program on behalf of ARCO.

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