Bishop Tank Farm and Pipeline Abandonment & Site Remediation

Client: ARCO

Several InterAct personnel played significant roles in the abandonment of the Bishop Tank Farm which was located on a site immediately west of the EMT.  The project was completed in phases, the first consisting of the removal of three 1000-bbl crude oil storage tanks, separators, gas scrubbers, heater treater, 4000 feet of piping.  Approximately 15,000 c.y. of TPH-contaminated soils, discovered down to a depth of 25 feet, were extracted. 

The second stage involved removal of facility-related pipelines through the environmentally sensitive coastal dune area near heavily used recreational trails. 

Services provided by InterAct personnel included:

  • Characterization and extent of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination
  • Negotiation of site-specific cleanup criteria
  • Evaluation of remedial methods – on- and offsite
  • Preparation of work plans and securing of permits
  • Oversight of excavation and remediation activities using onsite bioremediation, aeration, and some offsite recycling
  • Oversight of landfarming activities using indigenous microorganisms to lower extractable TPH levels from 5400 to 500 ppm in 88 days
  • Completion of site restoration and revegetation
  • Permitting of the pipeline removal activity, including CEQA review

Through active negotiations, InterAct personnel were able to save the client over $200k in remediation costs, expedite the permitting process, and obtain agency agreement of proposed clean-up standards.

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