Flare and Venting Requests

This Notice to Lessees and Operators (NTL) provides updated guidance for requesting approval to flare or vent natural gas and clarification on the discretionary authority of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) for approving such requests. This NTL also updates BSEE contact information for requesting such approvals. It supersedes NTL No. 20l1-N02, dated February 8, 2011.

Under 43 U .S.C. 1334(i), " ... no holder of any oil and gas lease issued or maintained pursuant to this subchapter shall be permitted to flare natural gas from any well unless the Secretary finds that there is no practicable way to complete production of such gas, or that such flaring is necessary to alleviate a temporary emergency situation or to conduct testing or work-over operations." The Federal regulation at 30 CFR 250.ll60(a) specifies the limited circumstances under which you may flare or vent natural gas without first receiving BSEE approval.

This Regulatory Alert was prepared by InterAct, an Acteon company, to advise our clients of impending deadlines and applicable regulatory requirements. No official agency policy is implied.

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