Injection Well Applications - California DOGGR Applications Assistance

In California, wells that inject fluids associated with oil and natural gas production operations (Class II injection wells) are regulated by the Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) under its Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program.  Injection operations regulated under the UIC Program include waterflood, steamflood, cyclic steam, water disposal, gas storage, and other enhanced oil recovery projects. 

The main features of the UIC Program include permitting, inspection, enforcement, mechanical integrity testing, plugging and abandonment oversight, data management, and public outreach.  

Injection Well Applications

InterAct is well qualified in assisting operators with all or a portion of a UIC project application.  The major elements of such applications are:

  • Statement of purpose of the project
  • A detailed engineering and geologic study
  • Reservoir and fluid characteristics of each injection zone
  • Evidence that plugged and abandoned wells within the AOR will not have an adverse effect on the project
  • Casing diagrams and plugging information of wells within the AOR
  • Proposed well-drilling and abandonment program
  • An injection plan

InterAct Well Diagramming Services

A significant part of UIC compliance is the preparation of the casing diagrams (or well bore diagrams) and plugging information of wells within the Area of Review (AOR). InterAct has prepared over 3,000 well bore diagrams for many major operators in DOGGR Districts 1, 2, and 4 and has provided operators with expert guidance in navigating the ever changing injection permit application requirements. InterAct provides the following well diagramming services:

  • Detailed review of well history and mechanical condition and graphically represents pertinent data in a well bore diagram that DOGGR can easily review for evidence that the proposed injection fluids will be confined to the intended zone of injection.
  • Preliminary isolation review of all wells prior to DOGGR’s review, giving operators the opportunity to remediate potential problem wells prior to the permit application submittal.
  • Assist operators in working out reasonable and innovative solutions that meet DOGGR requirements and minimize the cost incurred by project delays and/or having to re-abandon or re cement wells.

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