Offshore Facilities Regional Oil Spill Response Plans

This Notice to Lessees and Operators of Federal Oil and Gas Leases and Pipeline Right-of-Way Holders (NTL) supersedes NTL No. 2006-G21, effective October 26,2006, and NTL No. 2009- P03, effective October 28,2009, on this subject. This NTL provides clarification, guidance, and information concerning the preparation and submittal of a regional Oil Spill Response Plan (OSRP) for owners and operators of oil handling, storage, or transportation facilities, including pipelines, located seaward of the coast line (facilities).1 Lessees (State or Federal), designated operators, or pipeline right-of-way holders, as appropriate, (you) are responsible for preparing and submitting the OSRP. The Oil Spill Response Division, within the Bureau of Safety and Enviromnental Enforcement (BSEE), will review and approve OSRPs that are in compliance with 30 CFR Part 254. Some of the clarifications and encouraged practices in this NTL are based on lessons learned from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response. Adherence to encouraged practices will facilitate BSEE's review ofOSRPs but is not required to obtain approval.

This Regulatory Alert was prepared by InterAct, an Acteon company, to advise our clients of impending deadlines and applicable regulatory requirements. No official agency policy is implied.

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